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Gabernik 10
Zgornja Polskava
Miscellaneous Information:

I'm a passionate Web designer always looking for hard challenges. Ever since my childhood I took things apart and tried to make them better, functionally and visually. After getting my first personal computer I became addicted to technology.

That's why I took a position in an IT department where I could tweak and control things to my likings. One of the most valuable things I learned was, how to design useful and functional interfaces that help the user finish their tasks and not distracting them.

After seeing that I love design I decided to go to Canada and find work in a design related field. I got an opportunity in a startup where I gathered invaluable experience. Looking back I accumulated so much knowledge I can't even explain. Being around other talented people and reading a lot of great design and usability books got me to where I am today - Freelancing.

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