Sometimes we need to place a module in between our Article or Category text, or render a module outside of the index.php file. Joomla is very flexible and enables us to position the modules where we need it, we just have to know how.

When I started to build Joomla websites, backups never were a priority on my list. Foolishly relying on the shared hosting backups, got me burned a couple of times. They say that you learn from mistakes and that's exactly what I did.

Every time we start building a Joomla template we use the same code over and over again. That's why I decided to build a template that's adaptable to my new workflow of mobile-first design and has all of the necessary tools for building a modern responsive template. You can use and modify the template since it's hosted on GitHub.

Upon the release of the redesigned Gmail app for the iPhone I thought about switching from the Apple Mail app. I never had any problems with the latter, except from missing features of Gmail accounts. I set up my three Gmail accounts and started using the app. Soon I encountered some usability issues.

I'm thrilled to be living in a time, where we have so many great applications for designers and developers. Our nature of work and technology is changing constantly and so are the tools. My Photoshop workflow is driven by many awesome tools and I'm going to share them with you. Some of them are free and some for a small fee.

If we suddenly can't login in our Joomla administrator or visit our site and see a strange page, then we got hacked! There are some great tools out there but the most important one of all is BACKUP.

RWD concept is a very popular topic and web developers and designers should know the basics behind it. It is easy to select one of the many frameworks that make the build process easier, but before that, we have to understand how to hand code responsive websites.

Creating multilingual sites became a lot easier with the new core integration of supporting more languages. On top of that we have an option to change the language text right from inside Joomla Admin. There is no need to hack the language files or create our own we let Joomla handle it.

A while ago I switched from CSS to LESS and have to admit that I won't be turning back. At first I was a little resent to switch from CSS to a new language, but after playing with it for about 4 hours it just clicked.